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Friday, March 13, 2015

Books: The difference between a Neanderthal and a Reader

I love to read.  I really, really do!

I stand here before you: My Friends; My Co-Workers; My Constant Followers (;-) if there are any of you out there); and Book Readers alike, making a confession that I am a Closet Nerd.

Closet Nerd-my definition that always gives me a giggle-merely means I love to learn and read!

I have been an avid reader from the first of my memories in life. I always have a book near me that I am reading, be it for pleasure, work, or education, I am always reading SOMETHING.

I have had a desire to join a local book club that I can go and discuss a variety of written works with people that have a strong passion and opinion about the books they read.  Today, I found that club. :-D

When I was asked to share why I decided to visit their club, I summed up my reason in a simple sentence, "I have always desired to be a part of a book club and realized aside from a couple or three people in my life, my friends are Neanderthals."

Now, before all of you get tied up in a fit thinking I am calling you stupid or somesuch thoughts, I am using Neanderthal as my word of choice for non-readers versus readers.

Those who do not like to read, have a hard time reading, or just flat out find it boring (EGAD! I know, but THOSE people exist!), and have no desire to expand their horizons into the world of books are what I call Neanderthals.

Those who do like to read, no matter what challenges they may face (slow reading speed, struggling with the author's style of writing, etc.), have a desire to expand their horizons into the world of books and I call them Readers.

There is nothing wrong with being a Neanderthal in regards to reading books. I don't understand your world, but you are a part of mine.

As I continue to expand my horizons with this book club I have been welcomed into, I will give you, My Constant Follower, thoughts on each book and whether I recommend them or not for you to read.

Books are Amazing Things!  I hope you make a choice in regards to reading books, because that choice defines you as a person.

Which do you choose to be: a Neanderthal or a Reader?

~4-Ever, P

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

My answer to the question in the title, Dear Constant Follower is this: "Why do I have to grow up?"

I watch people on a daily basis.  I am what you call a "people watcher," however, instead of judging those I see, I ask myself, "Did they grow up when they became an adult?"

What is so wrong with being child-like in your views of the world around you?  Nothing, in my opinion.  When we were kids we did not focus on the "bad stuff" in the world, we focused on the wonderment of discovery.

Discovery is such a crucial aspect to being a child.  As children, we learned each time we "discovered" something new.  Oh, the Wonderment of the Discovery!  I remember finding such joy in something new that I discovered.  A joy that stays with me to this day.

See, growing up doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Growing up really just means different responsibilities in our lives.  When you grow up, you gain responsibilities.  The problem with the image of growing up is that people think they cannot find wonder in the world any more because they are now "Adults."

When you lose that wonderment with the world around you, you start losing that joy.  If your joy is gone, what do you have to look forward to?

Engaging in activities that bring you joy help keep you engaged with LIFE!  We should not strive to exist, we should strive to live.  Being active in life makes life more rewarding.  When you are engaged, you find the joy, and when you find the joy, you find the wonderment you had as a child.

Finding that wonderment makes life worth living, because every day is a new discovery.  Having a life with discovery is having a life worth experiencing.

The question posed in my title, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" should be changed to, "What do you want to do as an adult?"

Growing up does not have to be a bad thing, Dear Constant Follower; growing up should still involve the exuberance of childhood as you discover new and exciting things in the world each and every day. :)

~4-Ever, P

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Beginings :-)

Oh, What a way to end the year!

Our office closed on Friday, December 7, 2012, effective immediately.

I had sent my skeleton crew to an extended lunch because all of the systems locked up and were not working (a normal day in the life at the office).

I placed a call to our IT team and they said they were aware of the situation and would call me back.

Next thing I know, some strange man walked into the office 45 minutes after the systems froze up.

He tells me he is looking for Peggy Corino. I immediately knew that voice but played along and informed him that I was, in fact, Peggy Corino.  I then asked what I could do to help him.

He introduced himself to me as the owner's husband and I immediately stated, "You are closing us down!"  He said he had our final checks and we were closed effective immedately. :-(

I was not worried about myself, I knew I was covered; it was my Amazing Team that I was worried about.

The owner's husband did not even know what they owned in the office (sad, so very sad) and then said he was not going to stick around to let the Team know, he had a flight to catch.

Does that beat all!?  But that is the mentality of the owners of the company, we were never people, just numbers.

This reality broke my heart because I knew the previous owners considered us people and cared for us as their Team Members.

However, after that moment in my life, I have had constant calls and emails and texts from people telling me I should open my own company.

I have the know-how, the connections, and a great reputation within the Preservation world.

After lots of prayer and research, I went ahead and decided to do it and jump right in! :-)

You are reading the post of Legacy Preservation's owner! YaY! :-)

I still have a lot to do but it the company is gauged to officially announce the opening on January 7, 2013 to the Preservation world.

It is going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make it work, but with my business partner and all the support I have, I am sure it will be a success!

So, My Dear Constant Follower, if you get a moment, please take the time to wish this journey well and stay posted for new blogs as the company moves forward!

~4-Ever, P

Monday, August 27, 2012

MidCities Achievers

Wow!  We had a Fabulous Meeting tonight for our MidCities Achievers Toastmasters Club.  We had 7 guests & 3 outstanding speakers lined up.

All the speakers did an exceptional job, Tinashe talked about being a Servant Leader, something near and dear to his heart, which wrapped up his 10th speech making him officially a Competent Communicator! :-)

Our second speaker was Felicia, and man oh man, was she on Fiyah! :-) She was pitching the sale of a smile!  Can you believe it, selling a smile?  She has the smile to give the pitch, swing, and homerun!

Our final speaker of the night was the ever enjoyable, Kathy.  She put her 'Kathy' twist on giving effective evaluations to all present.  I can really use the advice since I will be competing in the Evaluation Contest for both my clubs (different areas, though).

Our seven guests: Jeffery, Fahim, Brad, Kirk, Calvin, Rick, & Arun were very encouraged and enjoyed the meeting immensely.  I believe every one is planning on returning to our club in two weeks (after the holiday).

All in all, Fabulous Meeting, Fabulous People, & a Fabulous program are what I witnessed tonight. I am SO PROUD to call myself a member of MidCities Achievers!

Wondering what makes us so appealing to guests, come see us.  We meet every Monday at 6:30pm in the HEB Hospital Conference Building.  Check us out, Constant Reader, you won't be disappointed, I guarantee it!


                                                                                                                        4~Ever, P             

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Learning the Balance

Hellooo, My Constant Followers! :-)  Sorry I have been out of touch, however, I have been very busy learning the balance.

I started with a new company in March.  I changed jobs and stepped out into an exciting new adventure.  I love my job...high stress, bring it on; encouraging people to become the best, hells yeah; helping others, always down with that!  My job is Amazing and I am so glad I am in it.

One of the quick things I learned once I started this adventure is having to learn the balance.  I threw myself into this new adventure, and, like all previous adventures, it engulfed my UberGoofy World!

I know, it is my choice, and a choice I love making.  However, I started hearing grumbling from my friends and family..."you work too much"..."you never have time anymore"..."when do you stop working"...on and on.  So I had to reassess what I do in my world and stop and see what they were moaning and groaning about...LOL

In my reassessment, I realized I had stop doing all other activities when I first started my job, I always strive to be the best at all I do, and loving my job only fueled the fire to be the best.

Well, I had to learn the balance.  The beautiful dance of balance...fabulous!  One issue I found, because I was so busy, I had nothing going on except work.  So finding that balance was a mote point, at least to me...

I stepped back and started putting the things I had put off since joining the new company BACK into my life, and WOW, it was a big time reassessment!

Two things I know about myself: 1. Idle time is my enemy (I get into WAY TOO much trouble when I have it) and 2. I am a workaholic (is there a WA out there? Workaholics Anonymous...I bet they work in the meetings...).

Now, I think I have found that balance. I still do not have time for a relationship, but I am starting to allow time for dating; I am getting back into the beautiful world of ballroom dancing, something I have not done consistently in years (still a work in progress on this one); I do not log into work immediately after getting home and have limited myself to only four days of logging into the system instead of seven (hellooo, workaholic...don't judge me); I make it a point to leave the office before the sun goes down most days instead of when it is rising again (where is that WA meeting?); and I have delved myself back into Toastmasters, something I love doing instead of cancelling appearances at meetings like I was doing.

I think I am getting better at learning the balance, and one thing I know for sure, I do love to learn!  So, for now, My Constant Follower, I shall sign off, and with this new Learning the Balance thing going on, will make it a point (on those days I am not logged into work-WA anyone?) to check back in with you and see how your UberGoofy World is treating you! :-) 

~4-Ever, P

Sunday, April 1, 2012

District 25 Toastmasters: Off the Cuff Is Off and Running!

District 25 Toastmasters: Off the Cuff Is Off and Running!

Check out this link. It features District 25's Improv club, Off the Cuff, in which I am a member! :-)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Loving My Life! :-)

Hello, My Constant Follower! :-)  How have you been?  Long time no Blog...Ha!  I am writing this blog to reflect on all the Great Things in My Life! :-)

I Love My Life, I really do...I embrace the exuberance I feel from the joy I find in all things. :-)  I have been Blessed so much in my Life with friends, family, and co-workers...I just am amazed at how wonderful life can be when enhanced by those you love and who love you. :-D

I have been told I can be a bit annoying with my Overly Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Attitude! :-) Apparently, some people need happiness in small doses until they full wake up! LOL  It is all good though, I love it when they finally wake up or get out of their funk and I see the joy start shining in their eyes.  Always wonderful to see for me.

I have a view on life. I think a person has two choices: 1. go through life crying or 2. go through life laughing and dancing.  Guess which one I do???  I laugh and dance and embrace all things enjoyable! :-)  I love to laugh and dance and when I find others that like to laugh and dance it becomes one Fabu Party, Baby!!! ;-)

I hope everyone has a Wonderfully, Blessed Holiday Season and Merry Christmas to All and To All a Fabu Life!!!!

~4-Ever, P